TOPIC democracy
Bilal Alaa
A republic deferred, forever
This process is essential for the continuation of the regime — a necessary act of political theater.
The honorable citizens of America who created its repressive regime
Americans, including academics, have an immense appetite for books, stories and films about the people,
Sultan al-Qassemi
The Gulf and Egypt: Long transitions and Marshall plans
Over the past few years, Egypt’s relations with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on one hand,
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April 6 has first elected general coordinator
High five
Andeel | Man: "This is for people who say the country needs a military president. I high five them with it. On the face."Other man: "High five?"
Cartoon: Officer’s love
Andeel | Officer (addressing Egypt): "Move forward, you piece of shit!"
Cartoon: Concussion
Andeel | Man: "I totally lost my memory — I can't remember at all why I elected Sisi!!"
Cartoon: Why is this a cartoon?