TOPIC dance
Thinking through dance
Salma Abdel Salam | The choreography of our bodies is changing and it is doing so rapidly, by policing ourselves
New stories in exile: Anno Kachina
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Nine years ago, millions of Egyptians took to the streets in revolt against a regime that had been in
Video | Hindi
Reham Ghareeb | While working in Alexandria’s Odeon Cinema, Hadi started dancing to Hindi music for the audiences.
Video | The freewheeler
Abdelrahman Huwait and Ahmed El Saaty | After a car accident left Mahmoud with paraplegia, he started practicing contemporary dance
nasa4nasa: The Cairo-based dance collective leaps from Instagram to the squash court
Sara Elkamel | In December 2016, an Instagram account appeared under the name “nasa4nasa.” Its first post was a
Video | Mariam
Menem Sami | Twenty-year-old Mariam Naim is an online radio host, performer, and Special Olympics athlete
Nassim el-Raqs: A dance of mythical creatures on Alexandria’s streets
Randa Ali | Dance festival Nassim el-Raqs is one of Egypt's few remaining contemporary public space art events
Brazil’s Esmeralda: Belly dance as an idea, a hand wave
Omar Said | The Brazilian dancer on why belly dance became an expression of sexual obsession
In photos: A Slovenian ballet dancer in Cairo
Nadia El-Dasher | “It turned out to be an audition and I signed a contract with the company.”
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Adel Abdel Wahab
Nassim al-Raqs: Contemporary dance and the everyday street
Nassim al-Raqs engages citizens on Alexandria’s streets with an art form Egyptian society is unaccustomed
Ismail Fayed
Notes on belly-dance
I’d like to make a few notes on belly-dance beyond the moral debate around justifying it as a non-sexual