TOPIC curfew
Video | The sky’s the limit
Roger Anis | "Better to stay at home and fly a kite, than go outside and risk your health and might."
Losing touch
Osman El Sharnoubi | Now, I sense danger in everything I touch, and I am strangely, excessively aware of my hands
Video | Curfew concert
Mohamed Swify | To liven up quiet curfew nights, Mohamed puts on impromptu concerts from his balcony
A double curfew and a brush with the coronavirus: No COVID-19 cases recorded in North Sinai
Coronavirus passes through North Sinai, but no cases reported
For locked-down village near Mahalla, solidarity and dignity are keys to surviving quarantine
Basma Mostafa | Some Hayatem residents have chafed at the state’s intervention, choosing to organize themselves.
The impact of coronavirus on ride-hailing services: A story of narrowed livelihoods
Beesan Kassab | The cutback in benefits was felt by drivers well before the coronavirus outbreak.
Daily COVID-19 roundup: May 12
The new memo wanrs medical staff will face legal action if they do not adhere to the new regulations
Daily COVID-19 roundup: May 11
1,200 workers have gone on strike a textile factory in Ismailia protesting unpaid April wages
5 signs that Operation Sinai 2018 is winding down
Do developments in North Sinai signal the end of the six-month military campaign?
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Reem Saad
The military upholds virtue
I was surprised and disturbed as I followed the stories of many friends and others who reported on social
Curfew hours reduced in Arish
As the dust settles in Sinai, civilians brace for the worst
Curfew extended in North Sinai for three months, reduced in parts of Arish
Sinai: States of fear
Update: North Sinai violence ongoing as death toll continues to rise
North Sinai curfew extended by 3 months
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