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Conversations from the Lebanese uprising | Joelle Boutros: The civil war only really ended today, with this movement
Omar Said | "I think this is the first movement in the country’s modern history that encompasses all of Lebanon"
A presidential directive to freeze Parliament
New parliamentary formation to be engineered by the National Security Agency
Money and image: Framing Mohamed Ali’s face off against Sisi
Leila Arman | Ali is a child of the post-2013 world, the world of naked conflict, stripped of any symbolism.
Shoot, post and share: The viral accusations against Sisi and the military that led to Friday’s protests
Omar Said and Rana Mamdouh | Sisi’s mesh of endearing and threatening discourse might have only given his opponents a leg up.
Mohamed Ali fallout continues: Sisi mulls canceling New York trip amid high-level meetings to combat ‘destabilization campaign’
General Intelligence Service Chief Abbas Kamel believes that the move would send a negative message.
Sisi refutes contractor’s allegations that state funds were wasted on vanity projects at hastily organized youth conference
He accuses Sisi of wasting money on presidential palaces and the army of squandering billions
The protection of competition: A suspended verdict
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | The discrepancy in the ECA’s positions on Uber and Glovo leaves questions about the role it plays
Is the government building a parallel bureaucracy?
Mohamed Hamama and Osman El Sharnoubi | Power is concentrated in the presidency and military at the expense of other state institutions
Bad apples? Meet the majority of Egypt’s World Bank private borrowers
Abdel Hamid Mekawy, Osama Diab and Salma Hussein | Over half of World Bank-financed private sector projects in Egypt have shell companies in tax havens
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Amr Adly
Objective notes on Hesham Geneina’s corruption report
Carnegie Middle East Center scholar Amr Adly on what the former auditor's report reveals about corruption
Wael Gamal
Did Hesham Geneina’s study exaggerate Egypt’s corruption?
Former chief auditor Hesham Geneina is facing trial after a controversial report about the extent of
Mohamed Elmeshad
On the false hope of investor conferences
Once again, Egyptians must sit back and listen to their government convince them that they need to pin
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Illicit Gains Authority begins investigation into hidden assets of Mubarak-era tycoon Hussein Salem worth LE30 million
Egypt falls in Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index
Former top auditor Hesham Geneina receives 1-year suspended sentence, conditional 3-year probation
Court adjourns former top auditor Hesham Geneina’s appeal to December 20
Supply minister resigns amid corruption allegations
Transparency International corrects PM and states corruption in Egypt has worsened
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Clean minister
Andeel | Sign: "Please take a clean minister."
Cartoon: Unidentified problem
Andeel | General: "So people say there's a recording on the internet of people with us conspiring and doing forgery and stuff?"General 2: "Yes sir, yes."General: "Right, so what's the problem?"
Cartoon: Half my horse for the kingdom
Andeel | #Sisi gives away half his salary for Egypt   Woman 1: "Are you touched?" Woman 2: "Yeah, very."