TOPIC corruption charges
A corpse, bag of cash and contested land: Clues threading corruption into the challenge to judicial independence
Mostafa Mohie and Rana Mamdouh | The revelation of bribery in the State Council may be a grab for power cloaked in anti-corruption garb
Money without truth: Egypt’s reconciliation deal with Mubarak-era tycoon
Heba Afify | Experts claim that the government has placed a premium on short-term financial gain over truth-seeking
Out of the syndicates
Jano Charbel | Professional syndicates and labor unions have become a battleground for the fight against the Muslim
Mubarak-era Interior Minister Habib al-Adly sentenced to 7 years in prison for corruption
Court orders detention of steel tycoon Ahmed Ezz for squandering public funds
Finance minister’s adviser arrested on corruption charges for LE1 million bribe
Cairo court refers trial of Mubarak-era multi-billionaire, Hussein Salem, to appeals court without issuing a verdict
Judge implicated in corruption case found dead in prison cell
Judge drops embezzlement charges against 90 Interior Ministry officials
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