TOPIC Coronavirus
What we know about the Emirati company managing COVID-19 clinical trials in Egypt
Concerns remain regarding the oversight of the clinical trials
Lax procedures, higher costs: Burying the dead amid the coronavirus
Rana Mamdouh | Healthcare workers and families who buried relatives say the measures are rarely followed in full
Coronavirus in North Sinai
Several factors have residents concerned about the area's capacity to deal with the outbreak
Thinking through dance
Salma Abdel Salam | The choreography of our bodies is changing and it is doing so rapidly, by policing ourselves
How factories are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic
Mostafa Mohie | Several factories across Egypt have been forced to shut down in recent weeks.
Turned away from hospitals, a Tora prison employee dies, raising concern about the pandemic in overcrowded prisons
The Interior Ministry released a statement on Sunday addressing Hegazy’s death.
Video | The sky’s the limit
Roger Anis | "Better to stay at home and fly a kite, than go outside and risk your health and might."
Video | From Kafr al-Sheikh to London in 4 seconds
Ahmed Moghazy | As he gains command of his senses, he realizes that he’s in London under full lockdown.
Rupture and possibility: How the coronavirus crisis struck Cairo’s indie music scene
Nada Nabil | Where does music lie in the deafening quiet of a deadly pandemic?
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Bruno Latour
What protective measures can you think of so we don’t go back to the pre-crisis production model?
If everything has stopped, and all cards can be put on the table
Abdelrahman ElGendy
This prison has a sky without bars
Now, for the first time, life actually is turning into a big prison
Sarah Rifky
we announce our love for life
We need a lucid world, and sobriety, to reimagine what is to come.  
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Coronavirus on the rise again in Egypt, and fewer precautions for airport arrivals
Analyst: Agreement on $5.2 bn IMF loan may see Egypt ‘fully’ liberalize exchange rate
No backup sent to hospital after most of its medical staff contract coronavirus
Alaa Abd El Fattah ends hunger strike after 36 days
As detainees remain cut off amid pandemic, Alaa Abd El Fattah continues month-long hunger strike
1st quarantine hospital halts admission after more than half of staff contracts COVID-19
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