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TOPIC Coptic Orthodox Church
Coptic martyrdom in the age of the security state
Mariam Ibrahim | Is a religious narrative that frames the killing of Copts as God's will at odds with mounting resistance
Anger and desperation accompany Copts from their homes in Arish to Ismailia
Karoline Kamel | Sinai's Copts are faced with a church that closed its doors to them and a state that intervened too late
The right to marriage and divorce for Egypt’s minorities: Tinkering with the issue
Mai Shams El-Din | Egypt’s Christians want less church control of their private affairs
From the flood of fury and tears: What happened at St. Peter and St. Paul Church?
Karoline Kamel | Karoline Kamel reports from the immediate aftermath of the bombing of St. Peter and St. Paul Church
Copts debate abolishing marriage preparation sessions in churches
Mai Shams El-Din | Critics of the Coptic Church's marriage preparation courses argue they should not be made compulsory.
Calls to protest church’s alleged financial corruption and divorce laws refused
Mai Shams El-Din | Authorities refused a request on Monday from a group of Coptic activists for permission to demonstrate
Exorcism in Cairo: The last chance for the desperate
Edmund Bower | For years, 40-year-old Aisha Saeed has lived in misery. She regularly suffers from severe headaches and
A civil Coptic movement struggles in a polarized Egypt
Leyla Doss | On the evening of March 5, 2011, then 19-year-old Tony Sabry was sheltered beneath a blanket as he participated
Simple Coptic Christmas with a family in Shubra
Virginie Nguyen | Coptic Orthodox Christians — who represent the vast majority of the Coptic community in Egypt — celebrated
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Shady Lewis
Legends and murders lurking behind church walls
Looking at the Coptic church through the lens of a legend: On the murder of Anba Epiphanius
Monica Hanna
The autoimmune disease of the Coptic church
A Minya bishop ordered the demolition of a church, raising questions about what constitutes heritage
Ishaq Ibrahim
The repercussions of Pope Tawadros’ visit to Jerusalem
Head of the Coptic Orthodox Church Pope Tawadros II made an exceptional visit to Jerusalem last Thursday
Security forces prevent Copts from holding feast day prayers in Minya
‘We did not ask families to flee Arish,’ says interior minister as Copts flee violence in North Sinai
Coptic activists criticize church’s support of Sisi’s New York visit
Coptic Church declares compromise with state over contentious church building law
Coptic sectarian violence victims flee Minya and demand justice in front of Parliament
Pope Tawadros denounces Coptic protests outside White House over sectarian violence in Egypt
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