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Waiting until you can’t
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Sectarian violence sparked in Minya after the unofficial opening of an unlicensed church building
Agreement partially reopens St. Samuel Monastery road, but leaves broader security concerns unresolved
The agreement does not address the broader security concerns monks have raised in the past
Will the laity save the Coptic Church?
Karoline Kamel | The death of Bishop Epiphanius reopens discussions around electing a new Congregational Council
‘We will kill the men and children and leave you to live the rest of your lives in misery’
Nourhan Mostafa | Safwat Shehata, a man from Minya who lost six relatives in Friday’s attack, recounts the ordeal
‘Save us, St. Samuel!’: A survivor’s story of the Minya attack
Nourhan Mostafa | Survivor Ibrahim Youssef recounts the details of Friday’s militant attack in Minya
What we know about the militant attack that left at least 7 Coptic Christians dead in Minya
At least 7 people were killed and nearly 20 injured in a militant attack targeting Copts in Minya
Securing Coptic churches: The necessary role of the scouts
Martin Roux | Church scouts are playing an increasingly pivotal role in state efforts to secure churches
The bishop who makes his voice heard: Anba Makarios
Karoline Kamel | Outspoken Minya Bishop Anba Makarios is a man who makes his voice heard but avoids being seen
Al-Ur: The pain that fills the void left behind by 13 Copts executed in Libya
Karoline Kamel | Al-Ur mothers and wives continue to mourn their dead 3 years after they were executed in Libya
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Sherif Azer
Egypt’s Coptic Christians: Between the hammer of an authoritarian regime and the anvil of terrorism
Attacks on Egypt’s Copts will continue to take place until the real causes are addressed
Amr Magdi
To US VP Pence: Defend the rights of Christians and all Egyptians
Pence must see discrimination within a broader context of the limiting of citizens’ rights
Amr Abdel Rahman
The elephant in the room (part 1): The state and sectarian violence
Sectarian attitudes do not purely emanate from society, but are also prevalent within structures of governance.
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Coptic Christian place of worship shuttered in Minya after Muslim residents protest
Police officer killed, 2 injured while defusing bomb planted near Cairo church
Cabinet committee legalizes 80 pre-existing churches, service buildings
Security forces prevent Copts from holding feast day prayers in Minya
Police prevent Sunday Mass in Minya Church citing ‘security concerns’
Questions surround murder of Coptic Alexandrian alcohol vendor
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