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As tensions build over Ethiopia’s postponed elections, PM takes heat from opposition parties
Simon Marks | Diplomatic sources close to GERD talks suspect Abiy boosts political capital at home
The odd one out
Jahd Khalil | Outside the Nour Party’s new headquarters, there’s nothing that bears the party’s name. Inside,
The deep return
Heba Afify | A foreign journalist in Cairo, whose work appears in several prestigious publications was cornered near
The return of the state
Omar Halawa | The halls of the Shura Council are host to the work of the committee tasked with amending the 2012 Constitution,
Hassan Elmasry
Why is Egypt attacking human rights groups?
Egypt’s human rights movement has a long and patriotic history
Alaa Abd El Fattah
Do we really have a Constitution?
A couple of weeks ago, I found myself stuck in a horrendous traffic jam on Qasr al-Aini street for over
Yasmin El-Rifae
The constitution of our symbols
I find myself craving the cinema these days. Something about the idea of images arranged into a purposeful
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8 Egyptian rights groups reject plan to amend Constitution so Sisi can serve a third term
Over 1,000 people sign petition against plans to amend presidential term limits in Constitution
Constitution passed by 98%
Update: Rumors that presidential race to be announced are denied
Committee of 50 decides on system for parliament elections
Mixed system in constitutional draft
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