TOPIC colonialism
Attempting to decolonize pedagogy in CILAS Alexandria
Gian Spina | How can we undo past ways of doing while attempting to enact new forms of thinking?
What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of the 1919 revolution?
Hakim Abdelnaeem | I want to question the approach that treats the 1919 revolution as a single narrative, condensing it
The ‘fountain of youth’ and the insurgent subject of history
Ahmed El Serougui | unpacks the category of “youth” and the crisis associated with it, through three crossings
Elite conversations about Fanon in Cairo
Laura Bird | Fanon had deep contempt for the postcolonial native bourgeoisie as well as colonial masters: “The elite
Empty archives: What do we do with what we do not know
Laura Cugusi | In the era of hypervisibility the invisible is acquiring a new relevance in the dynamics of power that
Gather colonial legacies from Africa, pack in box, return to sender
Lara El Gibaly | Berlin — An urgent conference of world powers is taking place. To salvage what remains of the
The conscript in Egyptian films: Part 1
Adham Youssef | Egyptian cinema may be criticized for poor effects, overrated acting and commercial tendencies. Yet it
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Sixth Day
Andeel | I’d been trying to find an ethical reason for why Youssef Chahine's movies didn’t appeal to me.
A critical journey: On Mahmoud Khaled’s ‘Painter on a Study Trip’
Ismail Fayed | Is the audience's relationship to fine arts is the same as their relationship to colonial cosmopolitanism?
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Bilal Alaa
A republic deferred, forever
This process is essential for the continuation of the regime — a necessary act of political theater.
Omar Robert Hamilton
Carbon Colonies & A Green New Deal
Can the climate emergency show us how to see through the political stasis of our current regimes?
Ismail Fayed
Waiting for apocalypse: Egypt at a crossroads
What the apocalypse and the uprisings across the Arab world teach us, is that we are not alone
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