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Detox | Autumn antidote
Ahmed Naji | When I am anxious, I usually put on a documentary about the lives of lions in central Africa.
Mike Davis on pandemics, super-capitalism and the struggles of tomorrow
Sharif Abdel Kouddous | What are the political, economic and environmental structures that paved the way for this outbreak?
Detox | Not with a bang, but a whimper
Fuck, is the world really ending?
Battle of the strawberries
Nada Arafat | Who stands to win in the battle between exporters and local farmers after a cut in strawberry price?
Q&A with Environment Minister Khaled Fahmy
Louise Sarant | In a Q&A from COP22, Fahmy addresses everything from climate finance to Egypt's contentious coal use.
Paris climate agreement in line with Egypt, Arab world agendas
Louise Sarant | “December 12, 2015, will go down in the history of the planet. In Paris, we saw a few revolutions,
Dispatch from Paris: Where does Egypt stand in COP21 negotiations?
Louise Sarant | The COP21 climate negotiations in Paris are entering a critical phase. In about 24 hours, 195 countries
Facing the threat of rising seas
Isabel Esterman | Egypt, with its densely populated coasts and low-lying agricultural areas is one of the countries most
Omar Robert Hamilton
Carbon Colonies & A Green New Deal
Can the climate emergency show us how to see through the political stasis of our current regimes?
Alaa Abd El Fattah
The weight of the world: on framing the fight against climate change
We won’t find solutions if we operate as individuals with severely limited space for action.
Ismail Fayed
Waiting for apocalypse: Egypt at a crossroads
What the apocalypse and the uprisings across the Arab world teach us, is that we are not alone
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Report: Nile Delta’s increasing salinity and rising sea levels may make Egypt uninhabitable by 2100
Rising temperatures may cause decline in Egypt’s crop production
Egypt attends UN climate change conference despite failing to ratify Paris Agreement
Sisi for climate change deal, but demands Western funding
Nationwide heat wave leaves 21 people dead, 66 injured
Egypt to form climate change council
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