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City Club: Investing in provincial middle-class dreams
Mohamed Ramadan | The main driver of increasingly distinct class enclaves in Egypt has been expanding privatization
El 7ara: How the other 95 percent lives
Edmund Bower | “Well, they have to wear the tarboosh. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, they
A state in shackles
Lina Attalah | Among many of the perceived differences between the January 25, 2011 and the June 30, 2013 mobilizations
You just got mahraganed
Andeel | It’s going to be difficult for you to like mahraganat if you’re the kind of person who asks the waiter
Rana Baker
Return to what? Against misreadings of Gaza’s Great March
Israel's organization of power has created new relations between different classes of Palestinians.
Mahienour al-Massry
A letter from prison
  Mahienour al-Massry, imprisoned on charges based on the Protest Law, writes from her prison cell:
Mika Minio-Paluello and Reem Labib
Cold: A silent killer in Egypt
Yesterday’s hailstorm and rainstorm across Egypt brought a reminder that the harsh winter isn’t
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Yasmine al-Narsh sentenced to 4 years in prison for airport altercation
The most comfortable place in the world
Andeel | "You know, I've travelled to every place in the world. There's no place where I feel as comfortable as I feel here..."
Cartoon: Responsibly built
Ola Salem | Fat man: You should have a smaller belly, for Egypt.
Cartoon: Racistless
Andeel | Egyptian man in swimming pool: "By the way I don't hate Egyptians at all, actually most of my friends are Egyptian." Egyptian woman: "Yeah?"