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A hologram of a dancing sheikh: On Amr Salama’s Sheikh Jackson
Hessen Hossam | By abstaining from taking sides or condemning anyone, Sheikh Jackson stays true to nothing at all
Experimental Summer: Independent film as lamentation of elitist failure
Andeel | The state is at war with independent cinema because it can inspire other forms of independence
Sheikh Jackson: Yet another film about identity
Ahmed Refaat | To what extent can Sheikh Jackson contribute to a reading of the current film scene in Egypt?
Constructing and echoing social perceptions: Gay characters in Egyptian film
Adham Youssef | How do movie depictions inform how we, both straight and queer Egyptians, see gay people?
El Gouna Film Festival launches with grand ambitions
Ahmed Refaat | The first El Gouna Film Festival began last Friday in the luxury resort town
Take 2 on The Treasure: A whirlwind ride through Egyptian history and myth
Yasmin Shehab | This film is Egypt’s superior answer to The Da Vinci Code
Take 1 on Sherif Arafa’s The Treasure: An Egyptian movie about Egypt for rich tourists
Andeel | This film is meant to be our film industry’s current top production
Changing art forms, from page to screen: Women in 3 post-independence films
Ismail Fayed | These films see much-needed change as having to take place over the bodies of women
Al-Asleyeen: When big brother meets a film about mid-life ennui
Yasmin Shehab | The new film from The Blue Elephant team gets off to a great start
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Tamer El Said
A report on Mohamed Diab’s Clash: How state TV deals with art
I’ve never met filmmaker Mohamed Diab and I’ve not watched his new film Ishtibak (Clash,
Ahmed Khair al-Deen
Egypt’s Contemporary Pharaohs: The ongoing urge for a ‘citadel massacre’
Egypt’s Contemporary Pharaohs sets out to discover why Egypt's recent rulers have appeared to change
Paul Sedra
Faten Hamama and the ‘Egyptian difference’ in film
The Egyptian difference yielded a cinema in the 1950s and 1960s that was more daring, more complex, and
Filmmakers release film about rural Egypt online after censorship at Cairo festival
Dubai film festival refuses to screen Egyptian movie ‘The Unknown Sweet Potato Seller’
FestBeat: Watching films in turbulent times remains important
FestBeat: Day 8 of Panorama prompts reflections
Festbeat: Waiting to be wowed on day 6 of Panorama
FestBeat: Panorama delivers tough questions on patriarchy and togetherness on day 4
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The winning caption
Andeel | Sisi: "I shall only approve... two more sequels."Thank you to everyone who tweeted and commented with possible captions!
Cartoon: Understanding Interstellar
Andeel | Person 1: "No, you don't get it man — time itself is circular, without a beginning or end — that's why humanity in the future will be one possible course humanity might have taken in the past, while past itself is a moment of the future —"   Person 2: "Ok, got it. So did you pay the parking assistant, or should I pay him?"   Person 1: "I paid him."
Cartoon: Hilarious!
Andeel |Writing a comedy film.  Writer: "Nice. Write that down."