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Persistently relevant: Atteyat al-Abnoudy
Ahmed Refaat | Ahmed Refaat explores the reasons behind the continued significance of Atteyat al-Abnoudy’s work
Why bother archiving if we can’t change our own perceptions?
Lara El Gibaly | Collecting images during very severe moments of change can sometimes create a fake narrative.
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Yasmine Zohdi | A recent workshop at Cimatheque saw Zawya's crew and other film people discuss film distribution, censorship,
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Nour El Safoury | There’s a lot to admire about this new non-periodical film magazine produced by Cimatheque, but Nour
Bread, salt and film
Andeel | Andeel on the regular collaborative night between Eish & Malh and Cimatheque.
Letting viewers see ‘unconventional’ films: Q&A on the AFAC Film Week
Ahmed Refaat and Sama Waly | The most pressing problem the region’s filmmakers face today is arguably the absence of good distribution
A new cinema from a new reality: Sitting in on Kurrasat
Laura Cugusi | Taher Chikhaoui suggests that a new reality is creating a shift in cinematic language that leaves more
Zawya: The ins and outs of showing alternative film
Laura Bird | Laura Gribbon on downtown Cairo's new alternative cinema.
Screenings start at Zawya as alternative cinema in Egypt picks up