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Waiting until you can’t
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Sectarian violence sparked in Minya after the unofficial opening of an unlicensed church building
Disputed status of Beni Suef church sparks sectarian violence
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | The disputed legal status of a church in Beni Suef sparked sectarian violence and 20 arrests
Behind the attack on Prince Tadros Church: The sound of a bell or the absence of law?
Karoline Kamel | What was behind the attack on a house that had been used as a place of worship by Copts in Giza?
After 150-year wait, Parliament passes church construction law in 3 days
Mohamed Hamama | Parliament has passed a law regulating the construction and restoration of churches in just three days,
Parliament to review draft law on building new churches
Mai Shams El-Din | When a Coptic Orthodox community in an Ismailia village built a church in 2009 to avoid walking 6 km
Monica Hanna
The autoimmune disease of the Coptic church
A Minya bishop ordered the demolition of a church, raising questions about what constitutes heritage
Coptic Christian place of worship shuttered in Minya after Muslim residents protest
Cabinet committee legalizes 80 pre-existing churches, service buildings
Government legalizes status of 53 out of 3,730 church buildings amid fears of further closures
Conflicting reports emerge regarding church closures in Minya
Police prevent Sunday Mass in Minya Church citing ‘security concerns’
Egypt’s Cabinet approves church building law
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