TOPIC children's rights
Confinement and disruption: How children are coping with the pandemic
Yasmin El-Rifae | “We have to look after ourselves as parents, otherwise we can’t help them.”
Port Said rape case raises questions about Child Law
Leyla Doss | On November 13, five-year-old Zeina Arafah was found dead in the coastal city of Port Said with her bones
The children of the revolution
Dalia Rabie | A few meters away from raging battles between protesters and security forces on Qasr al-Nil
Forcibly disappeared woman and 14-month-old daughter brought before State Security Prosecution
Enlist Egypt’s children in the army, proposes psychiatrist
MOI obliged to register children from customary marriages after court ruling
‘Official’ number of street children called into question
Nightmare continues for children rescued from abusive orphanage
370 children subject to sexual violence in last 4 years, says government body
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