TOPIC child abuse
Innocence behind bars: The fate of Egypt’s minors at the mercy of criminal and military courts
Mahmoud Wakea | Mada Masr looked into 35 cases of minors who have appeared before criminal and military courts
Sexual assault of 3-year-old exposes school, legal failures
Passant Rabie | The mother of a three-year-old boy raped by a 36-year-old security guard at a private school in Nasr
The terrifying realities in Egypt’s public schools
Mai Shams El-Din | School-related deaths and injuries in Egypt are unfortunately nothing new and occur all too frequently.
Port Said rape case raises questions about Child Law
Leyla Doss | On November 13, five-year-old Zeina Arafah was found dead in the coastal city of Port Said with her bones
The children of the revolution
Dalia Rabie | A few meters away from raging battles between protesters and security forces on Qasr al-Nil
Shaimaa Tantawi
When home is another cell: Women’s accounts of domestic detention
Accounts of how women are treated in private spaces reveal systematic abuse
Lawyer: At least 2 dozen minors among those sentenced in military case last week
Amnesty: Authorities release minor allegedly raped, tortured by police
Interior Ministry denies minor was raped in police custody
Egypt removes reservation on banning marriage of minors in African agreement
Death is the main headline for stories on Egyptian schools this week
Teacher detained for beating Port Said student to death
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