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Declining foreign reserves, explained
Beesan Kassab | Foreign currency reserves have dropped by about $8 billion since the start of the pandemic
Egypt, corona and the IMF: What do we know about the new loan?
Beesan Kassab | The IMF plans to hold a meeting on May 11 to consider the Egyptian government's request
$2 billion dip in foreign currency reserves points to Egypt’s reliance on unsustainable investments
Beesan Kassab | The drop is a sign that the methods Egypt has used to prop up its reserves are unsustainable
On the Egyptian pound, living standards and real estate: An economy forecast for 2019
Mohamed Gad | Economists Ahmed Shams Eddin and Wael Gamal discuss Egypt’s macroeconomic projections for 2019
The ups and downs of Egypt’s interest rates: What does the central bank want?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Osman El Sharnoubi speaks to economists and experts to evaluate the CBE's interest rate policy
A market without buyers: Will 2018 revive automotive sales?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Egypt’s automotive market suffers from stagnation due high inflation and interest rates
1 year later: How has flotation impacted individuals and investors?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Egypt has seen living standards diminish and experienced a questionable impact on investment
Your guide to understanding the pound devaluation
Mohamed Hamama | What is the interbank? How will the price of the pound be determined?
Egypt seeks US$12 billion IMF loan, but at what cost?
Mohamed Hamama | After months of denial, officials announce Egypt is seeking a loan from the IMF, but at what cost?
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Do economic indicators reflect reality for most Egyptians?
Growth amid inequality and corruption only ever benefits a limited number of people
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The dollar: To LE10, and beyond!
Of all the people in the office, Maysara was probably the most afflicted by boredom. Everyone else spent
Timothy E. Kaldas
What happens if the Egyptian pound keeps falling?
The Egyptian pound is likely to continue to decline in value, and indeed needs to accelerate its decline
Analyst: Agreement on $5.2 bn IMF loan may see Egypt ‘fully’ liberalize exchange rate
Finance minister: Egypt spent US$20 bn on ‘external obligations’ last year
PM pledges to double job opportunities in coming year, despite minimal policy changes
Inflation eases in September but Egyptians’ purchasing power continues to fall
Finance minister: Egypt’s inflation rate expected to peak by end of March
Central Bank freezes Al-Nadeem’s bank account
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