TOPIC censorship
Will Egypt’s Supreme Media Regulatory Council become a new censorship body?
Mai Shams El-Din | A new decision and report by the media regulatory council looks to control TV and radio content
From constitution to law: The legalities of making art in Egypt
Lara El Gibaly | Who gets to decide what counts as art?
12 viewers on In the Last Days of the City and its problems coming to Egypt
Rowan El Shimi | 12 moviegoers share their views on Tamer El Said's In the Last Days of the City
Naguib Mahfouz, the man we all wronged
Mohamed Rabie | The state just announced its secret view of "Egypt's fourth pyramid."
A brief history of film censorship in Egypt
Ahmed Shawky Ali | Samir Farid's 2002 book The History of Censorship in Egypt was recently re-issued.
Egypt’s new cybercrime bill could send you to prison
Mohamed Hamama | Under the newly-drafted cybercrime law you may be punished for a number of things you do online, and
Musicians Syndicate moves against ‘Satanist’ metal concerts
Habiba Effat and Rowan El Shimi | Syndicate head Hany Shaker said the musicians are part of a Western conspiracy aiming to spread “chaos
In support of Ahmed Naji: A joint statement by Mada Masr, Za2ed18, Qoll and Zahma
This is a translation of a statement initially published last night in Arabic by websites Mada Masr,
Sex in Arab cinema
Raseef22 | In 1929, the Ministry of Interior banned Wedad Orfi’s Masat al-Hayah (The Tragedy of Life). The
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Iman Mersal
The police and citizens’ hair
There is no problem in a policeman, as a citizen, having an opinion about the appropriate length of a
Teresa Pepe
‘Literature’ is on trial in Egypt
In August 2014, an Egyptian citizen named Hani Saleh Tawfik came across issue 1097 of literary magazine
Khaled Fahmy
5 reasons to object to the banning of Exodus
Two weeks ago I went to watch Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings here in New York after reading
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Zawya cancels The Nile Hilton Incident screening, cites ‘involuntary circumstances’
Update: 7 arrested for ‘promoting sexual deviancy’ after raising rainbow flag at Mashrou’ Leila gig
UN Human Rights Council statement slams Egypt website blocks
Censorship Board bans songs from Cairokee’s new album
Another website is blocked in Egypt, taking total to 64
Filmmakers release film about rural Egypt online after censorship at Cairo festival
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The dignity of society
Andeel | Society: "My dignity!"
Society can’t take it
Andeel | Caption: In solidarity with Ahmed NajiSign: The General Commitee for Censoring EverythingMan in a suit: "Censor all the sex Walid... I can't handle it Walid!"
Cartoon: Treatment
Hicham Rahma | Policeman: Try opening your mouth?
Cartoon: Margin for freedom
Andeel | #FreedomThis is the space allowed for today's cartoon. Thank you.