TOPIC censorship board
Whose narrative are we writing?
Yasmine Zohdi | Tamer El Said on censorship, the Cairo International Film Festival and his film’s leak
More hurdles to clear: What a new committee organizing festivals means for the future of artistic events in Egypt
A decree issued last week imposes severe restrictions on the organization of art events in Egypt
A season of morality and police uniforms
Mohamed al-Aswany | How the Egyptian drama industry lost its hard-earned artistic and economic gains in Ramadan 2018
A battle for existence: How the combined forces of censorship and security shaped Egypt’s music scene in 2017
Hessen Hossam | The restrictions imposed by the state on musicians in 2017 have been wider than ever in scope
Will Egypt’s Supreme Media Regulatory Council become a new censorship body?
Mai Shams El-Din | A new decision and report by the media regulatory council looks to control TV and radio content
Egypt cuts filming fees at archaeological sites to lure international filmmakers
Mai Shams El-Din | In a bid to attract international film producers to Egypt, the Antiquities Ministry has significantly
Legally or illegally? How to make a film in Egypt
Aida Elkashef | Many Egyptian filmmakers end up choosing to make films in secret, far from the eyes of the state, except
Bassam Mortada
Why was the presumed censorship of The Nile Hilton Incident met with silence from Egypt’s filmmakers?
Why haven't Egyptian filmmakers responded to the cancellation of The Nile Hilton Incident screenings?
Censorship Board revokes decision to ban film hours after announcing it
Zawya cancels The Nile Hilton Incident screening, cites ‘involuntary circumstances’
Censorship Board bans songs from Cairokee’s new album
Studio Emad Eddin inspected by authorities, operations continue as normal
Update: Censorship head denies any decision to stop deleting film scenes
Censorship board bans movie about Moses
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