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Cartoon: Open your head
Hicham Rahma | #media (Click on image above to see full cartoon.)
Cartoon: Shit face!
Cartoon: What is in the can?
Andeel | Army general: "They are all conspiring against me because they want my can, this is why I FILLED IT WITH SHIT! And closed it very tight."
Cartoon: Can you make some room?!
Sabry Eltawil | "Can you make some room!?""No."
Cartoon: Why is it so hot?
Andeel | Writing on the machine: "Arab Republic of Egypt's heat control device"Heat operator: "Mahmoud, please keep an eye on the machine. I'm gonna go take a shit."
Andeel | Sisi: The New Suez CANAAAAAAL!Man: Excuse me, sir, why are you shouting? 
Cartoon: The end of vacation
Andeel | Dude: "It was a short vacation."
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