Infographic: Egypt’s labor market dominated by ‘severe disparities,’ CAPMAS study says
The report highlights disparities in gender participation and legal protections for workers
Do not rest assured: People in need are still not getting their food subsidies
Beesan Kassab | The announcement came two days after Sisi wrote on his Facebook page about the food program cuts
Overpopulation, religion and fatwas on demand in Egypt
Karoline Kamel | Blaming overpopulation for the economic crisis, the state awkwardly courts the support of religious institutions
Analysts: Population control will not solve Egypt’s increasing poverty rate
Osman El Sharnoubi | In a speech at the Police Academy last week on the 6th anniversary of the 2011 revolution, President
How will Egypt rein in its explosive population growth?
Dalia Rabie | Egypt’s population is growing at a rate five times higher than that of developed countries, and twice
Workers question official statistics on unemployment figures
Jano Charbel | According to figures published on Sunday by the state’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and
Strangled in debt
Mai Shams El-Din | Standing in her small kitchen to prepare lunch for her two boys before they come back from school, Mona
Sarah Sabry
Egypt’s 2016 census: The data we need
The 2016 census is our opportunity to better understand where and how most Egyptians live. Egypt will
Sarah Sabry
Pause for a second and visualize this – poverty in Egypt
Three years after a nation took to the streets demanding bread and social justice, poverty in Egypt has
Q3 2017 sees slight decrease in unemployment rate
Infographic: Facts and figures from CAPMAS’ 2017 census
Annual overall inflation breaks April record reaching 34.2% high in July
June annual headline inflation rate stabilizes at 30.9%
February inflation rate exceeds 30% threshold for 1st time in decades
CAPMAS: Egypt’s print media continues to decline
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