Mugamma revisited: Reimagining the building and the square
CLUSTER | We propose a range of activities: a library, affordable housing, a hotel, government headquarters.
Smile, you’re on camera
Passant Rabie | Shortly after a car bomb went off at the Cairo Security Directorate on January 24, 2014, footage from
Uber introduces cash payment option in Cairo, but at a price
Robert Barron | The taxi application Uber has announced it will allow Cairo passengers to pay their rides in cash —
Downtown as laboratory: Q&A on Cairo’s Creative Cities conference
Passant Rabie | Both government and private sector plans for historical downtown Cairo came to a pause with
Q&A with Cairobserver: On space and universities
Rowan El Shimi | Rowan El Shimi sits with Mohamed Elshahed to look back on the first five years of Cairobserver and talk
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Cairo Station
Andeel | Throughout the film’s multi-layered body a suppressed steaming power boils inside, looking for a crack
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘The Aquarium’
Hani Sami | In the era in which the enemy has become the friend, Cairo is the oppressor. But who is the oppressed?
Cultural enlightenment for Cairo’s downtown futures
Marie-Jeanne Berger | Ismaelia is a consortium of Egyptian and Saudi investors: Egyptian billionaire Samih Sawiris (with a
Cairo poems: Happiest Times
Sharif S Elmusa | Transposition (From “The autobiography of Sidi al-Shaarani”)  Merchants gifted me
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Hala Osman
Hope amid exhaustion
We must have all the time in the world, how else can we keep trying?
Enas El Masry
Can the good life really be bought?
Separating herself from materialism allowed Cairene Enas El Masry to reflect on her lifestyle.
Cairo governor mandates security cameras in all businesses to ‘eradicate terrorism’
Neighborhood heads granted power of arrest
Manshiyet Nasser NGO facing eviction
British embassy suspends services citing security reasons
Sisi meets with Cairo governor to plan for citywide revamp
Sisi’s hometown of Gamaleyya finds a lot to celebrate
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Cartoon: The price of leisure
Andeel | #Cairo's Gezira Sports Club slaughters cats for the comfort of its members