TOPIC Cairo Now! City Incomplete
The 2016 Dubai Design Week: High hopes for sustainable design in the region
Mai Elwakil | Designers utilize old skills and local materials to make new products at Dubai Design Week.
Global up-cycling design trend finds itself at home in Cairo
Rowan El Shimi | Many Egyptian designers and NGOs are recycling materials in innovative ways
Hopes for an Arabic type boom: Breaking the rules but not too far
Lara El Gibaly | With the boom in Arabic content online there’s renewed interest in creating new fonts.
Living temporarily, thinking temporarily: Artists on Cairo’s everyday design solutions
Rowan El Shimi | This approach creates a different approach to everything.
Heritage in design: Embracing flux and function over blind nostalgia
Lara El Gibaly | In a global design culture what do phrases like cultural appropriation, self-exoticism & authentic mean?
On Samir El Kordy: Dystopian architecture and new fantasies
Jenifer Evans | A profile of Egyptian architect Samir El Kordy.
‘The future is here:’ On design education in Egypt
Yasmine Zohdi | On education's role in Egypt's growing design culture + issues like censorship, documentation & the market.
Shahira Fahmy: A career that responded to a revolution
Ingy Higazy | Fahmy felt it was no longer viable for her to practice in Egypt, so began seeking other opportunities.