TOPIC Cairo International Film Festival
Whose narrative are we writing?
Yasmine Zohdi | Tamer El Said on censorship, the Cairo International Film Festival and his film’s leak
Is it really possible to avoid politics in a place like Egypt? A conversation with Mohamed Hefzy
Muhammad El-Hajj | Can writer and producer Mohamed Hefzy evade political confrontations and compromises?
Poison into medicine: On watching Poisonous Roses
Ismail Fayed | Ismail Fayed reviews Ahmed Fawzi Saleh’s debut feature film, Poisonous Roses
Where does the Cairo International Film Festival stand on Egypt’s cinematic map?
Bassam Mortada, Hakim Abdel Naim and Muhammad El-Hajj | Three film buffs in conversation
Withered Green: A new brand of realism
Muhammad El-Hajj | Withered Green presents a realism that adopts a fresh interpretation of reality
We Are Egyptian Armenians, and that’s all you need to know
Lara El Gibaly | If we judge this film as a history lesson, it is quite successful.
The Other Land: Channelling the state’s narrative on undocumented migration
Rowan El Shimi | It is not just the film’s plot that is insensitive and reductive.
The lowdown on Cairo’s 38th film festival: More organized, decentralized and commercial
Rowan El Shimi | From new features to highlights of the program, here's our take on CIFF.
Tamer El Said and the role of the Cairo International Film Festival
Rowan El Shimi | If it wants to compete as an international festival, the CIFF should aim to support Egypt's local film
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Yasmine Zohdi
What we talk about when we talk about trees
We are left with two choices: to withdraw entirely or to talk about trees. How do we create a third?
Cairo Film Festival and In The Last Days of the City team dispute screening agreement
Weekly spotlight on state culture: Hopes high for Cairo’s film festival