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In wake of government crackdown, Egypt lobbies for support ahead of major UN human rights review
Asmahan Soliman and Mostafa Mohie | Even countries not normally known to openly criticize Egypt are expected to do so this time
Civil society leaders fight travel bans as 9-year NGO foreign funding case drags on
European governments are prioritizing Egypt's curbing migration to Europe over human rights concerns
Video | Civil society organizations are battling the state for survival: Mohamed Zaree
Egyptian rights defender Mohamed Zaree is nominated for Martin Ennals Award
The fight against human rights resurfaces
Dalia Rabie | Nancy Okail, former director of Freedom House's Egypt program and one of 43 defendants convicted of operating
Civil society law one more link on chain to shackle dissent in Egypt
Al-Sharif Nassef | On July 18, the state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram ran a spread from the Ministry of Social Solidarity on
Pompeo expresses ‘outrage’ over prisoner death, rights groups call for Red Cross oversight
UN rights review roundly criticizes Egypt over prison conditions, civil society violations, discrimination
Unidentified assailants attack Civil Democratic Movement iftar
First appeal hearing in NGO foreign funding case on Thursday
Martin Ennals Award jury urges Sisi to lift travel ban on rights activist Mohamed Zaree
NGO foreign funding case defendants submit lawsuit to challenge extension of investigating judge’s appointment
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