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Cairo Cinema Days 3: Our recommendations
Leila Arman, Mohamed al-Amin, Nour El-Mallah and Yasmine Zohdi | 2018 was a prolific year for Arab cinema, as evident from the line-up of this year’s Cairo Cinema Days.
Greater than memory: 3 Lebanese filmmakers explore traces of the past in Cairo Cinema Days
Nahed Nasr | 3 Lebanese documentaries re-construct the past to ask questions about identity and the civil war
I Have a Picture: Between romanticized art and an authoritarian industry
Ahmed Refaat and Bassam Mortada | Two takes on Mohamed Zedan’s debut documentary “I Have a Picture”
Your guide to navigating Cairo Cinema Days 2
Areej Gamal, Doaa Nabhan, Leila Arman, Rowan El Shimi, Wafaa Elsaeed and Yasmine Zohdi | Mada Masr's culture team takes a look at this year's Cairo Cinema Days lineup
There is no beach like Gaza’s: Talking to the makers of Gaza Surf Club
Amna Magdy | Despite the slight stereotyping tendencies, Gaza Surf Club is well worth watching
Suicidal Notions: On the selective unboxing of truths
Yasmine Zohdi | In all good writing there always lies a story beneath the story, and that’s the one that matters
Performing our lives side by side: Roy Dib’s The Beach House
Laura Bird | A mesmerizing, enticing and irritating film about old friends sharing a long, flirtatious, messy night.
Failed father figures and nuanced storytelling: Bezness as Usual
Lara El Gibaly | “Bezness,” the Arabization of the word “business,” took on a specific meaning in 1970s Tunisia.
Music comes to the rescue of thought: On Jumana Manna’s Palestine music documentary
Maha ElNabawi | This sound journey points to the richness of Palestinian history away from Israeli narratives
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