TOPIC Cairo bombings
The National Cancer Institute was in crisis long before the car bomb attack
Mostafa Mohie | The institute's medical services and research capacity have been steadily deteriorating for years.
Was Hassm behind the car bomb attack outside the National Cancer Institute?
Mariam Elashmawy, Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira and Mohamed Hamama | A look into militant group Hassm, accused in Sunday's attack, as well other possible culprits.
Car bomb outside Cairo hospital kills 20, security agencies instruct TV outlets on coverage
At least 20 people were killed and 47 wounded in a car bomb explosion in central Cairo.
Christians and churches in Egypt: Aggression from all sides
Mostafa Mohie | We track the 4 sources of sectarian aggression against churches and Christians over the past 5 decades
From the flood of fury and tears: What happened at St. Peter and St. Paul Church?
Karoline Kamel | Karoline Kamel reports from the immediate aftermath of the bombing of St. Peter and St. Paul Church
Images of destruction and despair from St. Peter and St. Paul Church
Photos capture the destruction and despair left in the aftermath of the IED that donated in a Cairo church
The Italian Consulate in Cairo: The building that no one noticed
Amany Ali Shawky and Mostafa Mohie | People pass by the building without giving it much attention. It looks closed most of the time,
Why can’t the police stop the bombs?
Mostafa Mohie | A spate of highly destructive bombings in Cairo and Sinai over the past two weeks has raised questions
Prosecutor General Hesham Barakat killed in Cairo bombing
Mai Shams El-Din and Mohamed Hamama | Prosecutor General Hesham Barakat was assassinated in a car bombing on Monday, an attack of unprecedented
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Explosion in south Cairo suburb kills 1, injures 3
Dozens killed, injured in explosion near Cairo’s main Coptic cathedral
Update: Militant group Hassm claims responsibility for Giza bombing
Islamic State affiliate claims Giza bomb blast
Update: Assailants among deceased in Giza bombing
Nightclub deaths and moral TV
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Cartoon: Childishness
Andeel | #Explosion near school in Boulaq.  Child: "Go play somewhere else, idiots!"