TOPIC building collapses
10 Nabrawy Street, in danger again, points to web of interests behind demolitions
Rowan El Shimi | Why are so many owners of historic buildings in Egypt eager to let their buildings fall? Rowan El Shimi
Five critical days in the life of 10 Nabrawy Street
Alexandra Stock | Attempting to prevent the dissolution of place and memory in a labor against forgetfulness.
Yahia Shawkat
The disaster is still with us 22 years later
Last Sunday marked the 22nd anniversary of the October 12 earthquake that hit central Egypt, destroying
Committee issues final decision: Townhouse building to be restored
Eyewitnesses: Destruction of parts of Townhouse building underway
Update: Townhouse building demolition postponed
3 dead, 8 injured in Alexandria building collapse
60 Imbaba families protest their treatment after building collapse
At least 14 killed and 7 injured in Matareya building collapse
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