TOPIC bread subsidies
The uprising will not be filmed: Cinematic representations of the 1977 bread riots
Adham Youssef | Film seems to have largely neglected the 1977 bread riots
Return your card: Subsidy recipients reluctant to respond to Supply Ministry’s initiative
Rania Tarek | “We call on every Egyptian who isn’t in need of the ration card or the subsidy to willingly
Smarter subsidies?
Isabel Esterman | It’s hot and hectic behind the scenes at Tafwiq Shalaby’s bakery in Port Said’s Osman Ben Affan
As unemployment rises, government hikes metro prices and reduces bread subsidy
Update: Supply Ministry rescinds cuts in bread subsidies following protests
Amid controversy, Supply Ministry appoints new head wheat buyer
As food prices climb, inflation soars to 13.5 percent in May
Finance Ministry: Deficit, debt and spending all on the rise
Supplies Minister: Wheat reserves to last until February
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