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Detox | February 30: A tribute to the impossible
In this week's detox, we celebrate some projects that were impossible to realize.
Blog: The revolution of Ahmed Seif al-Islam
Ahmed Hadid | Two years on from the death of Ahmed Seif, a pioneering figure in Egypt's human rights movement, we remember
Heba Afify
Blog: The case against social obligations
As Ramadan approaches each year, I begin to get nervous about a phenomenon that is as characteristic
Yara Sallam
Blog: ‘Did you see Aya in Qanater Prison?’
In May 2014, on a flight home from a business trip, I picked up a newspaper from a flight attendant and
Yasmin El-Rifae
Blog: That metallic sound that hits us
The metallic sound of the instrument as it hits the enamel, to clean it. I close my eyes beneath the
Celebrated Tunisian activist Lina Ben Mhenni, who documented revolution and fought for freedoms, dies after long illness