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The reductive realism of Capernaum
Hessen Hossam | The world of Nadine Labaki’s Oscar-nominated Capernaum (2018) feels a little bit too chaotic
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Greatest Child in the World
Lara El Gibaly | This film combines the worst of orientalism, nationalism, and the male ego
Lotus Notes: Part Two C
Nida Ghouse | Soon after the Permanent Bureau of the Afro-Asian Writers Association in Cairo folded, a poet from Pakistan
Lotus Notes: Part Two A
Nida Ghouse | The second time I met Michael C. Vazquez was the first time I heard that Lotus, the Journal of Afro-Asian
Band of the week: Yasmine Hamdan
Maha ElNabawi | Yasmine Hamdan is beloved for her vocal prowess, her playful onstage allure, her beauty and wild dance
Humor and the aesthetics of sadness
Mai Elwakil | No matter how hard she tries, Monira Al Qadiri seems incapable of producing art that is conventionally
Do it yourself
Jenifer Evans | "I have a problem with the idea that contemporary art is a Western product and when it comes to Egypt
Khaled Mansour
Lebanon, where humanitarian vultures descended
There's a rush for funds when a crisis hits.
Daniel O'Connell
We had all been together in the cafe when the ammonium nitrate in the port ignited
Omar Said
Explosion in Beirut: Destruction by the political class
There is shock and there is overwhelming anger. There is nothing in between.
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