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Campaign to boycott Israel kicks off with Mobinil
Egypt’s newly established initiative to boycott Israel kickstarted its activities with a campaign demanding
Crossing lines with PalFest
Ursula Lindsey | Ursula Lindsey's thoughtful piece on freedom of movement in Palestine and the importance of the annual
Sahar Mandour
‘Treachery isn’t a perspective’: Boycotting Israel in Lebanon
The issue is not about feeding a burning desire to communicate with the enemy
AUC faculty and alum (listed below)
On Saad Eddin Ibrahim’s visit to Tel Aviv University
AUC faculty members assert Ibrahim's visit is a betrayal of the Egyptian and Palestinian people
Omar Robert Hamilton
The battlefields of Jerusalem
At the centre of the new, old world, is Jerusalem
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Zawya screens Ziad Doueiri’s The Insult amid heated BDS debate