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On the giant that Bassem Youssef did not tickle
Mohamed Gamal | Our premature revolution was born from a sterile womb, and from that same womb Al-Bernameg was born
Three films, one spectator and a polemic: Arab documentaries and ‘global’ audiences
Alia Ayman | Sometimes being simplistic, clichéd and politically problematic is exactly what a film needs to succeed.
A year of comebacks and retreat
Passant Rabie | With the onset of a new regime, a new government, jail sentences and dropped charges, and preparations
Band of the week: Sharmoofers
Maha ElNabawi | I pull up to Bongoz studio in the leafy Cairo suburb of Maadi one evening to meet Arabic reggae-infused
Profile of Andeel: Cartoonist, autodidact, funny man
Jahd Khalil | A friend once told me that laughter is a very basic expression of understanding. This makes sense to
Breakfast with Mada: Bassem Youssef on cracking the walls
Sarah Carr | Every Thursday Mada Masr invites someone interesting to the office on the promise of a hearty
The politics of silence
Jahd Khalil | Those looking to view coverage from a critical and professional talk show presenter on Egyptian television
Laughter at the time of polarization
In his come-back episode after a period of self-imposed silence, renowned satirist Bassem Youssef
Amr Magdi
Fear of the clown
Why bother? Why does someone like Bassem Youssef, who is continuously described by the regime and its
Satirist Bassem Youssef takes on US democracy in new show
Bassem Youssef to return to airwaves from the US
Bassem Youssef to host the International Emmy Awards Gala
Bassem Youssef, production company fined LE100 mln for breaking CBC contract
Complaint filed against Bassem Youssef for insulting president
Satirist Bassem Youssef announces the end of Al-Bernameg
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