TOPIC attacks on churches
Accounts of the Mar Mina church attack
Karoline Kamel | How a gunman killed nine people and was chased down by a resident from the neighborhood
Behind the attack on Prince Tadros Church: The sound of a bell or the absence of law?
Karoline Kamel | What was behind the attack on a house that had been used as a place of worship by Copts in Giza?
From the scenes of the Palm Sunday bombings in Tanta and Alexandria
Basma Mostafa, Mohamed Gamal and Nahla El Nemr | Grief and anger in the aftermath of Egypt's church bombings
Christians and churches in Egypt: Aggression from all sides
Mostafa Mohie | We track the 4 sources of sectarian aggression against churches and Christians over the past 5 decades
From the flood of fury and tears: What happened at St. Peter and St. Paul Church?
Karoline Kamel | Karoline Kamel reports from the immediate aftermath of the bombing of St. Peter and St. Paul Church
Images of destruction and despair from St. Peter and St. Paul Church
Photos capture the destruction and despair left in the aftermath of the IED that donated in a Cairo church
Remembering the Two Saints bombing – and the lack of justice
Lina Attalah | Five years after a deadly bombing that took the lives of 23 people, the Two Saints Church in Alexandria
From Minya, after the verdict
Jahd Khalil | In the small, rural towns of Minya, everyone seems to know everyone else’s business. So it was odd
Shooting turns a wedding into a funeral
Dalia Rabie | In her hospital bed, Houwaida Refaat calls out for her 12-year-old daughter Mariam, who she still doesn’t
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Amro Ali
Alexandria’s church bombing and the deepening of melancholia
Shock and grief in Alexandria after the Palm Sunday church bombing
Ishaq Ibrahim
How can Egypt prevent another pre-Christmas bombing?
It’s delusional to believe announcing the names of the perpetrators will prevent another attack
Delga, one year later
Twenty kilometers separate the city of Dir Mouass, the district’s capital, and the village of Delga,
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Update: Attack on Helwan church and store kills 10
Conflicting reports emerge regarding church closures in Minya
US Embassy warns its citizens against visiting Christian sites outside Cairo
Interior Ministry identifies Tanta church suicide bomber, 3 alleged accomplices
Update: 17 killed in Province of Sinai suicide bomber attack near Alexandria church
Update: 33 killed in explosion in Tanta church claimed by Province of Sinai
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