TOPIC attack on Gaza
The merry-go-round of occupation: Unpacking the stakes of Israel’s election
For the second time this year, Israel is holding a general election in an attempt to form a coalition
Modes of engagement: Pause in Israeli escalation raises questions about next steps in Gaza
Hamza Abu Eltarabesh | 'The proceedings on the ground are an exchange of messages, but these messages are cryptic.'
Prelude to Israeli violence in Great March of Return: Hamas-Egypt meeting fails to bring truce
Hamza Abu Eltarabesh | Source: Hamas accepted EU proposal via Egypt to lift siege on Gaza but Egypt refused
Campaign to boycott Israel kicks off with Mobinil
Egypt’s newly established initiative to boycott Israel kickstarted its activities with a campaign demanding
Where is Palestine in Egypt?
Lina Attalah and Shady Zalat | Between anti-Hamas media coverage and invisible public solidarity, where is Palestine in Egypt today?
The elusive cease-fire
Lina Attalah and Nadine Marroushi | Egypt is continuing efforts to save its cease-fire proposal between Israel and Gaza and end hostilities
Poem: The Little Prince and the Air Force Pilot
Sharif S Elmusa | “You should have seen the imploded children you have killed in your last air raid,” said the little
Watching over Gaza
Heba Afify | Um Iyad, 65, stands at dawn on the porch of her house in the Egyptian town of Rafah, watching the smoke
Sharif S Elmusa
To act or not to act like a state
Scrolling through pictures on the Internet the other day in the middle of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza,
Omar Robert Hamilton
Cycles of rhetoric and violence
What was remarkably clear during this latest assault on Gaza is that cycles of violence are perpetuated
Sherene Seikaly and Sherene Seikaly
Palestine as archive
A man and his young son sit on two cement blocks, surrounded by piles of rubble that were once their
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Sisi prepared to send troops to Palestine
Gaza conference begins in Cairo, focuses on long-term solutions
WFP sends first aid convoy through Rafah since 2007
Long-term cease-fire goes into effect in Gaza
Egypt calls for an open-ended Gaza cease-fire agreement
Egypt is key to ongoing talks on Gaza crisis says Abbas
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Cartoon: Common interests
Andeel | Woman: "I don't know, I'm not so keen on children." Israeli soldier: "Me neither."
Cartoon: Sweet for Gaza
Andeel | Auntie: "Toota my dear, please come like this Gaza picture for me, my fingers are sticky because of these sweets I ate."