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Amr Ezzat
On the precarious ‘non-existence’ of Egyptian atheists
Amr Ezzat writes about the contradiction inherent in the state’s response to atheists
Father Egyptian Atheist and the sheikhdom of atheism
"I’m now convinced that the vast majority of Egyptian intellectuals, who have a hard-on for Western
Prosecution renews detention of Ibrahim Khalil for 15 days on charges of atheism
Anti-atheism campaign at Cairo cultural center ends second phase
Facebook page for Arab atheists draws fire from religious conservatives
New secular party to ‘challenge religious dominance’
Man sentenced to 3 years for contempt of religion
Authorities raid, close ‘atheists’ cafe’ in downtown Cairo
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Cartoon: The disbelieving sheep
Andeel | #Eid al-AdhaFugitive sheep: "I don't want to die!"Observing sheep: "Dear lord, that sheep has gone atheist."