TOPIC Atef al-Tayeb
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Love Over the Pyramid Plateau
Ismail Fayed | Atef al-Tayeb charts a man’s attempt to fulfill his sexual desire without sinning or breaking the law
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Piper
Ismail Fayed | The Piper is fundamentally the extended staging of the death of the poet — or indeed of poetry itself
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Basement
Amany Ali Shawky | Through the filthy service staircase, the worlds of the rich and poor meet.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Bus Driver
Adham Youssef | Produced a year after the killing of Anwar Sadat, Atef al-Tayeb's film brought Sadat's infitah policy
The conscript in Egyptian films: Part 2
Adham Youssef | Having swung from anti-colonial to glamorizing before becoming more complicated due to conflict, conscription
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Against the Government’
Andeel | “We are all corrupt, no exceptions, even with helpless silence, we are corrupt.”
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘The Escape’
Wael Hamdy | He has enough flexibility for minor ethical compromises
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Hot Night’
Andeel | The law is everywhere in this movie, being broken.