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Sources: Officials delayed survey results showing Egyptians face highest poverty rate since 2000
The survey results show 32.5% of Egyptians live below the poverty line, the highest rate in decades
Video | Beyond the factory: The crate maker
Mostafa Darwish | In this episode, Mostafa Darwish visits the city where palm stem crates are made
Elections in Assiut: Back to the old days?
Mai Shams El-Din | Assiut — Arriving at the train station in the Upper Egyptian city, the first scene you encounter is
New wave of labor strikes across Suez Canal, Nile Delta, Assiut
Health Ministry stymied by mystery illness spreading across Assiut
50 people seek medical care after chlorine gas leak in Assiut
Young inventor prevented from traveling to science competition
Young inventor to be detained for 15 days
MB protester gets 3 years prison in Assiut
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