TOPIC artist profiles
On Farouk Wahba’s atelier: Chronicle of a mentor and his students
Ali Hussein Al Adawy | Alexandrian artist Farouk Wahba created a contemporary art movement which still echoes today
Wael Shawky’s sculptural works bring the bizarre, violent world of his films into the present
Dan Jakubowski | On 3 recent solo exhibitions of Wael Shawky’s work in Germany, Denmark and Italy
Ahmed Badry: Meticulously structured chaos
Shehab Awad | Shehab Awad explores the studio of artist Ahmed Badry.
People with vision: On jewelry maker and artist Zeinab Khalifa
Amany Ali Shawky and Jenifer Evans | Zeinab Khalifa has been making jewelry for 28 years, and come to learn a lot about the declining craft.
Nermine El Ansari: Envisioning volume
Shehab Awad | Shehab Awad explores the studio of artist Nermine El Ansari.
Humor and the aesthetics of sadness
Mai Elwakil | No matter how hard she tries, Monira Al Qadiri seems incapable of producing art that is conventionally
The guy behind Contemporary Art
Mai Elwakil | Type “contemporary art is” in a Google search, and the top three suggestions one gets are: “bullshit,”