TOPIC Armed Forces statements
To protect, not rule
Heba Afify | As a power battle simmers to the brim between the military and the presidency, exchanging messages in
Down with military rule … again?
Hesham Sallam | Millions of Egyptians are continuing to take to the streets. They are calling on President Mohamed Morsi
Obsessed with Turkish models in Egypt
Hesham Sallam | Shortly after the outbreak of Turkey’s Gezi Park protests, Egyptian public forums were flooded with
The view from the palace’s window
Mohamad Salama Adam | From the presidential palace’s window, the view ahead of the planned June 30 protests is different.
Armed Forces arrest 398 migrants along Egypt’s western and southern borders
Armed Forces urge citizens to be cautious, collaborate
Update: 51 killed in clashes at Republican Guards HQ
Armed Forces spokesperson denies allegations of military defections
Brotherhood website claims army divisions
Update: Brotherhood deputy guide arrested
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