TOPIC Armed Forces spokesperson statements
Military launches raids, airstrikes in North Sinai following deadly militant attack on checkpoint
The series of escalations by Egypt’s Armed Forces comes days after a brazen attack by militants
Abduction and release of Egyptian intelligence unit points to proxy fighting in south Libya and early July meeting in Khartoum
Sources: Egyptian soldiers freed by Sudan were gathering intel on Sudanese military ops in Libya
8 Palestinians rescued after Egyptian military floods Rafah-Gaza commercial tunnel
Eight Palestinians survived an Egyptian military attempt to flood a commercial Gaza-Rafah tunnel
5 days in Sinai: Military announces death of 4 soldiers and 36 militants, as eyewitnesses detail Province of Sinai ambush
Mada Masr speaks to local residents following the military's 16th communiqué on Operation Sinai 2018
4 days of isolation: Waiting for the start of Operation Sinai 2018
A glimpse into the lives of North Sinai residents under siege due to Operation Sinai 2018
‘Operation Sinai 2018’: What we know so far
Egypt’s Armed Forces announced the launch of a major military operation in Sinai on Friday
To protect, not rule
Heba Afify | As a power battle simmers to the brim between the military and the presidency, exchanging messages in
Down with military rule … again?
Hesham Sallam | Millions of Egyptians are continuing to take to the streets. They are calling on President Mohamed Morsi
Obsessed with Turkish models in Egypt
Hesham Sallam | Shortly after the outbreak of Turkey’s Gezi Park protests, Egyptian public forums were flooded with
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Armed Forces, Interior Ministry: 64 militants killed in counter-terrorism efforts
Armed Forces: 3 armed militants, 2 civilians killed in Operation Sinai 2018
1st civilian killed by armed men since Operation Sinai 2018 prompts security sweep in south Arish
Military announces death of Province of Sinai emir
Source: At least 20 military personnel killed in Province of Sinai Qusayima attack, as media reports 18 military funerals
Armed Forces: 121 militants, 18 military personnel killed and 554 explosive devices destroyed so far in Operation Sinai 2018
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