TOPIC Armed Forces Engineering Authority
Money and image: Framing Mohamed Ali’s face off against Sisi
Leila Arman | Ali is a child of the post-2013 world, the world of naked conflict, stripped of any symbolism.
Militants target Armed Forces’ projects in Sinai, civilians pay the price
Mourad Higazy | Militants carried out a series of attacks targeting equipment used for military construction projects
The Armed Forces and business: Economic expansion in the last 12 months
Lina Attalah and Mohamed Hamama | From billboards to bread cards, the Armed Forces' economic activities have expanded and diversified since
The day after
Dalia Rabie | An ambiguous architectural form has been erected in the center of Rabea al-Adaweya Square, which housed
Residents mobilize to prevent entry of construction equipment to Warraq Island
Owner, 4 employees of military-contracted construction company kidnapped in North Sinai
Militants attack military-owned factory in North Sinai
A presidential phone call and an official’s visit later, Warraq residents continue to reject relocation
Head of military engineering authority is replaced