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Series: The archive as a battlefront
An introduction to Mada Masr's new series on archiving and working with archives
Revisiting images, reconstructing meaning
Yasmine Zohdi | From Berlin, on Jasmina Metwaly’s “We Are Not Worried in the Least”
Archive-based art: Destabilizing the power of the archive while declaring its victory
Mohammad Shawky Hassan | Relying on archival material in his films has led Mohammad Shawky Hassan to think about its limits
Video: How can we fit the world into folders?
Lara El Gibaly, Nael El Toukhy and Rowan El Shimi | This Alexandrian bookseller has independently created a massive scholarly archive
Why bother archiving if we can’t change our own perceptions?
Lara El Gibaly | Collecting images during very severe moments of change can sometimes create a fake narrative.
Do historians marginalize the Red Sea?
Reem Askalan | Alexis Wick's new book, The Red Sea: In Search of Lost Space, asks why the Red Sea never became a proper
On the possibility of collecting what gets withdrawn
Oscar Debs | ONE IMMATERIAL COLLECTION is a new series of annual video screening programs at Beirut Art Center (BAC).
Al-Ahram’s coverage of the October 6 War
Beesan Kassab | The archive of the state-owned Ahram newspaper, which Mada showcases on the anniversary of the October
The stolen library: Syrian artists poetically archive Arab publishing
Maha ElNabawi and Rowan El Shimi | It’s a thunderous evening in East Berlin. A dented, chipped metal door is propped open, inviting passersby
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Hani Sami
Archive: The art of hoarding at the end of the world
On the place of the archive and role of the artist at the end of the world
Ali Atef, Leila Arman, Mariam Elnozahy, Mohammad Shawky Hassan, Nada Hasan, Omnia Sabry
52 questions about the archive
A playfully provocative exploration of archival processes
Salma Shamel
Who told you history is an open buffet?
Salma Shamel discusses the entanglement of bureaucracy and emotion in the process of recordkeeping
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Maspero2011: Archiving the memory of the Coptic protest’s violent dispersal