TOPIC architecture
Mugamma revisited: Reimagining the building and the square
CLUSTER | We propose a range of activities: a library, affordable housing, a hotel, government headquarters.
Detox | Lazy beginnings
Our usual recommendations, if you’re spending the weekend at home in an attempt to fend off the cold
An address between trace and proposition: On Gypsum Gallery’s latest group show
Ash Moniz | The show emphasized intimate spaces, homes and habitats
Modernist Indignation: Two architects on the forgotten legacy of Sayed Karim
Mai Elwakil | Discussing visionary Egyptian architect Sayed Karim and an award-winning exhibition of his work
Plan(s) for Greater Baghdad: How hidden stories shape iconic cities
Mai Elwakil | Mai Elwakil interviews Ala Younis on her feminist exhibition about Le Corbusier’s Baghdad gymnasium
Megawra: Making sure heritage is a resource, not a burden
Lara El Gibaly | An architect, a historian and a storyteller walk into a shrine…
The Red Monastery: Egypt’s last Byzantine monument
Karoline Kamel | Pharaonic land, Christian sanctuary, Muslim workers
In conversation: ‘German-ness’ in architectural representation at Goethe’s new Cairo headquarters
Rowan El Shimi | A conversation with Omar Nagati and Ilka Eickhof about the Goethe Institut's new building in Dokki
On Samir El Kordy: Dystopian architecture and new fantasies
Jenifer Evans | A profile of Egyptian architect Samir El Kordy.
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Mahmoud MM Riad
Erasing History: Why demolishing the NDP building is a mistake
As I type this article, I can see the bulldozers start to tear apart the building which once paid host
Cabinet moves to tear down former NDP building