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Introducing a series on Egyptology, archaeology and heritage management in Egypt
Meredith Brand | Neglect and mismanagement are accusations that permeate any discussion of Egypt’s cultural heritage.
Scanning the Pharaohs: A new book on Zahi Hawass’s Egyptian Mummy Project
Meredith Brand | Beyond its initial surface appeal, this book demonstrates CT imaging and mummy research are vital in
How the discovery in King Tut’s tomb is changing the field of Egyptology
Meredith Brand | Part 2 of Meredith Brand's article on what the recent scan results tell us about ancient Egypt and Egyptology
How the discovery in King Tut’s tomb could change the history of ancient Egypt
Meredith Brand | On how the recent scan results could help clear up major mysteries about Ancient Egypt, part 1.
Between red tape and neglect: Cairo’s contested heritage
Passant Rabie | The Cairo Governorate’s plan to build a public garden on a piece of land in a historical area of Fustat has
5,200-year-old rock inscriptions discovered in Luxor Governorate
Ancient Egyptian gold workers’ tomb excavated on island in Sudan
10 tombs and mummies dating back over 2,300 years unearthed in Aswan
Archaeologists unearth tomb by recently discovered Dahshur pyramid
Archaeologists unearth catacombs containing over a dozen mummies in ‘unprecedented’ discovery
Egypt recovers 45 stolen ancient artifacts from France
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