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Diplomatic sources rule out imminent restoration of Syrian-Arab relations
It may seem otherwise, but Bashar al-Assad's Arab League membership is unlikely to be restored soon
Disagreement between Egypt, Palestine over proposed amendment to Arab Peace Initiative
Asmahan Soliman and Omar Said | Sources confirm that Egypt’s proposed amendments to the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative were rejected by
Many challenges facing proposed joint Arab military force
Heba Afify | The Arab League Summit held in Sharm El-Sheikh came to an end on Sunday with an undeveloped proposal
Sources: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain to condemn Qatari media at Arab League for broadcasting “false information”
Egypt nominates Mubarak-era foreign minister for Arab League post
Qatar pulls senior diplomat out of Egypt after Arab League imbroglio
Arab League ‘understands’ Egypt’s airstrikes in Libya, Qatar raises concerns
Arab League chief exhorts world powers to end Israeli assault on Gaza
Mansour calls for united front against terrorism at Arab League
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