TOPIC Aqrab Prison
Tora prisoners stage collective protest due to unprecedented clampdown
A source told Mada Masr that the campaign is linked to the killing of four police officers.
Thinking with Alaa
Khaled Fahmy | "When I demand my right to read and write, I am not asking for a luxury."
Another 45 days: The endless uncertainty of pretrial detention in Egyptian prisons
CS | Sabry has spent 2 years in prison on terrorism charges pending trial. Will he get out April 16?
Ramadan behind bars
Haitham Gabr | As children were busy preparing decorations and putting them up in the streets ahead of Ramadan, and
A turn for the worse at Aqrab Prison, say outraged families of inmates
Dalia Rabie | For inmates at Aqrab (Scorpion) Prison, there was a small window of time when life got a little better
Families allowed to visit detainees in Aqrab Prison
Dalia Rabie | Following months of denied visitations, families were this week allowed to visit their relatives held
Families demand warm clothes, better conditions for Aqrab Prison detainees
Mai Shams El-Din | Those who manage to receive news of their loved ones say they lack access to food, clean water and medication.
Families of detainees refute national report on their treatment in prison
Beesan Kassab | Detainee Amr Rabie reportedly refused an offer from a prison officer to change his behavior in return
Omar Hazeq
Invisible prisoners, Part 1
Muhannad Ihab, a child who suffered through juvenile detention, imprisonment, disease and Miry Hospital.
Public Prosecution inspection team finds conditions in Tora ‘adequate’ despite widespread prisoner accounts of abuse, medical negligence
Alaa Abd El Fattah and his lawyer recount humiliation and beatings in maximum-security prison
Deputy president of Strong Egypt Party reports mistreatment in prison
Families of Aqrab Prison detainees report maltreatment and torture
Families of inmates say Aqrab Prison has banned visits until after April 25 protests
More inmates join hunger strike against abuses at Aqrab Prison
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