TOPIC Ansar Beit al-Maqdes
The fall of Hesham Ashmawy: A journey that began in Egypt and ended in Libya
Omar Said | Notorious militant Hesham Ashmawy was captured in a security raid by the Libyan National Army
5 preliminary observations on Sheikh Zuwayed attacks
Sherif Mohie Eddin | News of a series of coordinated attacks on some of the most important security checkpoints in North Sinai
Punishing the state: The rise of urban militant cells
Mai Shams El-Din | On April 14, most of Egypt’s satellite channels went down after two electricity grids feeding Cairo’s Media
You show me yours and I’ll show you mine
Laura Bird | The Egyptian state’s online posturing regarding Sinai shows a failure to understand the mood of the
The Arab Sharkas cell: The quasi-covert military trial of Ansar Beit al-Maqdes
Hossam Bahgat | Until mid-2013, Nader,* a 25-year-old graduate of the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, worked as
A return to the 1990s?
Nadine Marroushi and Passant Rabie | Abandoned houses destroyed by shellfire, a mosque turned to rubble and burned huts lay among sand
A North Sinai resident
Terrorism and the city
Death has become the cheap currency of the city. Citizens are killed by both sides everyday. If they
War on terrorism in Western Desert, but what about Sinai?
Barakat assassination suspect wanted by IS in Libya
Province of Sinai threatens to kill Croatian hostage unless state releases female prisoners
Conflicting reports over Tarabin ‘war’ on Sinai militants
Two officers dead, three injured in latest Arish bombing
HRW urges Egypt to halt executions of Arab Sharkas cell defendants
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