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Detox | Exploring routine
WHAT’S UP? A routine is something we do every day: it might be a workout, a specific diet, a writing
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Rowan El Shimi | When Stara was set to launch at Emad Eddin Street’s Naguib al-Rihany Theater, it caught newspaper headlines
A dialogue with my friend who’s an Amr Diab atheist
Andeel | Ali El-Saudi, a young Egyptian man living in Dubai, works as a lawyer in a multinational company. Until
On independent music: Additional thoughts and questions
Ayman Helmy | I believe that life is made of choices, not between mainstream and underground, but between struggling
In response to Rami Abadir: On independent music, too
Charles Akl | After reading Rami Abadir’s “The contradictions of independent music,” I wanted to offer two alternative
Assessing two films on mahragan music
Maha ElNabawi | In my experience, good music documentaries are structured around a question or quest. In “Searching